Mayor's Blog 11.28.17 

  • By Mayor Salvagno
  • 28 Nov, 2017

I recently had the opportunity to visit Hancock Middle Senior High as a part of American Education Week . During my visit, I visited several classrooms including Art, Science, English, Social Studies, Woodshop and Ag Science. I am indebted to Principal Sabrina McCoy for hosting my visit. Mr.  Mazzone was kind enough to allow me to observe his engine repair class and to take me on a tour of the Ag Science out-buildings.

We have a wonderful school with dedicated teachers. I was very impressed with the engagement of the students particularly in our discussion during science class. I appreciate the students who were kind enough to show me their art work.

As I expressed to Ms. McCoy, I consider the School to be an integral part of our community identity. We have entered into an agreement with the School Board to provide a long term lease for some land near Kirkwood park to be used for the Ag Program. I am hopeful that our cooperative efforts can continue for the benefit of our students and the entire community.

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