Mayor's Blog 1.11.18

  • By Mayor Salvagno
  • 11 Jan, 2018
1.) As mayor/commissioner, what is your outlook for Hancock/Washington County?
2.) What are some issues or projects from 2017 you want to see improved upon or resolved?
3.) Overall, and stepping away from your role as mayor/commissioner, how do you think Hancock or the county
will fare in 2018? (You can answer for both if you'd like)
4.) Looking at 2018, what kind of projects do you foresee Hancock/Washington County? Do you think there will
be any major topics coming in 2018?
5.) Anything you would want to add?

There will be some new challenges and opportunities for Hancock in 2018. My primary goals as
Mayor will be as follows:
1) Have a meaningful impact on the opioid problem that plagues our Town and County.
2) Create a greater sense of community through cooperation with various agencies and
organizations including the High School, Interfaith Service Coalition, Senior Center,
Hospice and the Chamber of Commerce
3) Work to re-establish a brighter and more welcoming Main Street corridor.
With a fully staffed police force it is time that we actively enforce of laws and regulations that
are meant to protect our community from individuals who prey on the misfortune of others
and create addiction and despair. There is no place in this Town for those who profit by selling
and distribute drugs. We need to recognize that we do have a problem and seek to find
treatment options for those who are addicted. Hancock can no longer pretend that we are
insulated from this problem. We owe it to the children and families of Hancock to be proactive.
I will charge our Police Chief with the task of developing a community wide education program
and to create a database of local resources available to those in need.
Our community needs to come together and see the how strong we could be if we put past
differences aside and work together. We need to recognize the opportunities that can be
created for the welfare of families and children in this Town. We need to create the opportunity
for any child to seek advanced education, whether it be community college or trade school,
without concern for cost. We need to work together to assure that our seniors can age in
place…that if they choose, they will have the resources to remain in their own homes for as
long as possible.
Vacant buildings and absentee landlords create a mask over the opportunities that exist on the
Main Street Corridor. We will aggressively work to clean up vacant buildings with all of the legal
resources available and work to provide incentives for those who are willing to take the risk of a
new business enterprise.
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