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Welcome to the Town of Hancock! Situated along the Potomac River, National Road, C & O Canal, and Interstates 68 and 70, Hancock is a hub of activity for travelers, visitors, and residents who appreciate small town living at its best.

Located less than two hours from Baltimore and Washington D.C., we offer a slower paced existence where folks may enjoy our rich history, natural resources, arts and leisure activities, fine schools, and the community of locals who have chosen Hancock as their home.

We hope this website will help you explore our town if you are new to it! If you are one of our residents, we hope the information found here will assist you in your endeavors. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the great things that are happening in Hancock.
One of the oldest settlements in Western Maryland, Hancock derived its name from Edward Joseph Hancock, Jr., whose family operated the ferry at this northernmost point of the Potomac River. Edward Joseph Hancock, Jr. was considered a hero in the American Revolution who fought alongside General George Washington.

The Mayor's Desk

By Mayor Salvagno 16 Oct, 2017

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but in small towns like Hancock the losses seem to outnumber the wins by a large margin. As the smallest high school in the state our athletic teams are often outnumbered and outmatched. One of the advantages, however is if you want to play sports and are willing to make the commitment, there is a welcomed spot for you on the team.

Not so when I attended Bowie High School in the 70’s. Bowie was and still is one of the largest High Schools in the State. I was an average soccer player and was fortunate that we had just started the program. But, baseball…well that’s another story. I can still recall some 45 years later my disappointment at not making the JV baseball team. On the last day of try outs I remember crushing the ball in batting practice. I was pretty sure of myself  when we checked the team list at the end of the day.  I was devastated.  The coach had already picked his team before that glorious day in the batter’s box.  At a smaller school, I think my efforts would have been rewarded.

At Bowie, we played against teams of similar size. When you are the smallest school in the State like Hancock, finding appropriate competition can be a challenge for an athletic director. Much of the time, playing against larger schools, the Hancock Panther’s find themselves on the losing side of the score. The lesson of losing with dignity comes quickly if you are a Panther.

The real challenge is learning how to win. Learning how to win with grace and empathy is not something easily embraced if you have become accustomed to losing. Winning should be a time for celebration. Some believe it is a time to make up for all those awful feelings associated with losing. But not our Hancock Panthers! In their recent win against Hundred, the Panthers showed what it is to be a true winner. Certainly, our Panthers were proud. But more importantly, they showed empathy and compassion against the opposing team. The Panthers were happy to be a winner but they knew what it felt like to be on the losing side. Their actions during and after the game towards the Hundred team showed that that in more ways than one the Panthers are winners. Thank you. Panthers, for showing your hometown the true meaning of Panther Pride!

By Mayor Salvagno 06 Oct, 2017
Why Hancock Maryland won’t be applying to be Amazon’s HQ2 -  Let’s look at Amazon’s preferences. Hancock has made a lot of progress in the last few years. A medical marijuana cultivating site and a new start for the cheese plant will bring almost 200 jobs to Town. Building just commenced on our new library and the new pool will be underway shortly. Certainly, that qualifies as a “stable and business-friendly environment”. With the unique participation of the Town in the medical marijuana cultivating site and creative acquisition of park land we certainly qualify as one of the “communities that think big and creatively when considering locations and real estate options” OK…so we fall a bit short in the preference for a “metropolitan area with more than one million people”. With a population of about 1570 (maybe 1571… I think there was a new baby born last week) we are growing slowly but surely one million is a far way off. We are RURAL and certainly not an “urban or suburban location” but we do have a very dedicated and talented workforce. Our hope is that Amazon HQ2 does find a home in Maryland…somewhere. We will be here to offer extraordinary recreational opportunities to future Amazon employees. They will be able to access the Potomac River, the C&O Canal and the Western Maryland Rail Trail all within walking, biking or kayaking distance of Main Street. The Town wishes the best to the applicant counties in Maryland. Win or lose we hope that their citizens will find time to discover what we have to offer …an escape from the urban and suburban one million!
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2017 Hancock Halloween Parade Results


1st - Silver Starlettes
2nd - Shooting Stars

Cheer Groups

1st - Extreme Poms
2nd - Raiders Cheerleaders
3rd - Hancock Flag Football 

Antique Tractors

1st - Martin Harvey 1950 Farmall 
2nd - Raiders Cheerleaders
3rd - Hancock Flag Football 

Judges Spirt Award (Vehicle)

Jim Exline 2007 Roush Mustang

Classic Auto

1st - Steve Thompson 1955 Chevrolet
2nd - Judith Burton 1966 Mustang

Judges Spirt Award (Float)

Ravens Roost #124 "Stark Raven Mad"

Antique Auto

1st - Martin Couser 1963 Nash Rambler
2nd - James Johnson 1947 Chevy Coupe

Antique Truck

1st - Tammi Stotler 1954 Ford
2nd - Steve Blickenstaff 1948 GMC
3rd - Dale Somers 1952 Chevy

Family Floats

1st - MacDowall Minions
2nd - Kirk Family

Adult Organizations

1st - Hancock Lions
2nd - Lioness Lions
3rd - Hancock Presbyterian
4th - "304" Low Expectations
Honorable Mention - Hancock Arts Council

Youth Organization

1st - Brownie Troop #40602 "O-Fish-Ally Brownies"
2nd - Good Shepherd Preschool "In the Jungle"
3rd - Daisy Troop #15008 "Halloween"
4th Tie - Cub Pack 12 "Star Wars"
4th Tie - Junior Troop #40613 "Ghoul Ghosts"
Honorable Mention - Cub #45 "Rocket Into Scouting"




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